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GPS sports watches are sky-high adopted by endurance athletes since they hit the market over the last decade close to as a superb coaching tool for providing elbow grease info in terms of pace, distance covered, speed, and elevation and so on. Unfortunately there don’t seem to be as many women GPS watches that offer the qualities that active females typically request.

The overwhelming majority of feminine athletes have the subsequent wants and requirements:

Having sleeker wrists (in general) than men, ladies need smaller watches with sleeker styles and gliding joint straps

Ladies demand a way softer fitting watch than the common male tends to tolerate

Ladies need additional paler, female colours and styles

Female watches typically have smaller watch faces and buttons

A basic style downside in making a GPS sit up for ladies is that the issue of fitting a large GPS aerial into a miniature sized watch that’s snug enough to wear whereas partaking in physical activity.

Some sports watch maker’s side-step the matter, by packaging the GPS receptor into associate degree arm band that is solely a GPS receiver case mounted on associate degree adjustable rubber band.

Other common sport watches just like the Garmin Forerunner line, mount the GPS within the actual watch itself. Whereas Garmin have recently gone to nice lengths to form their sports GPS watch smaller, the Garmin watches do still tend to sit down quite heavily on the gliding joint.

A device also measures a runner’s leg speed through the air and with little standardization; correct speed and distance may be measured. A foot pod is softer than associate degree external GPS and concerning as correct for measure speed and distance, it conjointly doesn’t finish off around giant objects, a difficulty encountered with GPS systems whenever the GPS satellite signal is choked.

But a foot pod suffers one or two of drawbacks. In some cases it should be mark for correct readings. Standardization isn’t a giant deal, however isn’t needed during a GPS watch. On the opposite hand a foot pod possibility is usually a superior different to cheaper GPS watch that can’t live altitude or record routes.

In summary, GPS watch (see http://www.gpswatch.biz) will offer some really powerful advantages to athletes who are in need of the complete vary of data on their fitness coaching. Whereas feminine athletes might have to just accept some compromises, the positives can so much outweigh the drawbacks for several active ladies.